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Maria Kang

Kelly Ripa’s workout

Kelly Ripa shared her total body workout on her show today – and I am watching it as I’m typing. Her trainer is a former Marine, Keith Byard, and she trains at the Equinox gym in New York.

She looks like she’s around 14% body fat. Her arms, abs and legs are very, very lean.

Here is Kelly Ripa’s workout! (BTW: All this can be performed at home)

Medicine Ball Workout:
Chest Pass: Throw the body in front of the body forcefully to your partner. (works upper body)

One Arm push with the ball: Same as Chest pass but use one arm.

Ball Chop: With both hands slam ball onto the ground, directed at your partner. (this works more of your back)

AbCrunch with Ball Throw: Lay on a Medicine Ball and pass it overhead to your partner.

Traditional Exercises:

Pushups: start on knees then build up to full pushups. Keep body aligned and focus on pushing through your chest.

Squats: high repetitions, don’t forget to drive your hips up and squeeze your butt as you rise.

Side Lunges: focuses on inner and outer thigh. Lunge deep and add a ball for additional weight.

Running: get with a partner and have a conversation with them – in your last 50 yards, give it all you got and sprint to the end!

Alphabet Workout. (performed on the show)
Take a 5-20lb medicine ball and extend the arms out in front of the body. Proceed to spell the alphabet with the ball and incorporate squats, arm chops and ab twists in your movements.


this is how I remember her when I watched “all my children” when I was yonger.

After 3 kids!!

Get yourself a medicine ball!!!

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  1. workout mommy December 30, 2007 at 12:42 pm #

    I watched this episode too and was very impressed with Kelly’s level of fitness. She is very thin, but definitely works hard at the gym! I also tried her ABC workout with my med ball yesterday and it was tough!!!

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